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See more ideas about spotted gum flooring, spotted gums, flooring. Others:Tool handles, boat building, coach vehicle and carriage building, agricultural machinery, sporting goods (baseball bats, spring and diving boards, parallel bars), bent work. Spotted gum is one of the most popular choices when it comes to decking timbers and refers to four different types of Corymbias. spotted gum (Corymbia maculata) leaf description: This Eucalyptus is native to Australia in the region of Queensland / Victoria. Well sorted European Oak veneer; American Franklin Phenolic adhesive; E0 standard Eucalyptus plywood Available for Radiant Heat; 3 weeks moisture balance for stability; If you are interested in this color, click “ Add to Cart ” to order samples right away! Very Genuine flooring. It is used for a range of both structural and aesthetic applications, such as hardwood screening panels, and is one of the most commonly used hardwood timbers in Australia. Some timbers have the additional feature of a wavy grain, giving it an attractive finish. Like; Save; Related Discussions. Wood Properties. Quite hardy but a bit of swing away from your average Hardwood. The wood is highly prized as a decking material as much for its wavy grain and citrus-like scent as its exceptional durability. 180mm Select Grade. Has a lower tannin content than most other eucalyptus and is less likely to cause problematic tannin stains than most other Aussie hardwoods. Spotted gum is a very hard wood flooring species. Description Additional information Product Description. Workability This hardwood machines well due to its natural greasiness. Gum veins common. The heartwood colour range is quite broad from very pale browns through to very dark browns. Refined Oak 4461. This means it can be used in areas where there is a threat of ember attack and burning debris without extensive damage occurring. The wood is very hard and is therefore in the woodworking industry (furniture, shipbuilding, etc.) Outdoor Structures Australia supplies Australian Hardwood for the following applications: For information describing the choice of Tallowwood versus spotted gum please read of the Its physical properties are well in excess of pines and most non Australian hardwoods. Spotted Gum is a hardwood native to the east coast of Australia, increasingly popular for its strength, sophisticated color from browns to creams, fire resistant properties, and exquisite cathedral grain which is at times interspersed with mysterious "fiddle-back" grain giving it a satin-y appearance. The sapwood is distinctly paler. Spotted Gum is an Australian hardwood bearing many desirable properties. Wood Spotted Gum Flooring Engineered Wood Custom Size Engineered Wood Flooring Spotted Gum Floor 15mm 20mm Walnut US $23.00-$25.00 / Square Meter 100 Square Meters (Min Order) Spotted gum is a moderately coarse and uneven textured wood with some timbers having the additional feature of a wavy grain, giving rise to an attractive fiddleback figure. 180 X 14 Select Grade 2. When a uniform colour is required species are not mixed. Spotted Gums have a long flowering season and makes a tasty honey. Its colour varies from light brown to dark red-brown. Colour – The heartwood ranges from a light-brown through to dark brown. View SCB-KP141. Rainbow Opal and Spotted Gum Handmade wood ring, wedding band, annerversery ring, gift, mens jewelry, womans jewelry, HjkRings. Corymbia maculata, commonly known as spotted gum, is species of medium-sized to tall tree that is endemic to eastern Australia. Rich Valley Oak 4468. Finishing:Will readily accept paint and polish. Note:When the strength and durability is the prime consideration and we may mix timber of similar or better properties which include ironbark, tallowwood, and forest red gum. Rich Valley Oak – 4468. Kiln dried timber is not required or recommended for bridge or boardwalk construction. It is hard, durable and strong. Red Maple – 4465 . Spotted Gum timber flooring is one of the most popular Australian timber species among all of the Australian hardwood flooring options. Properties Density: 1010kg/m 3 at 12% moisture content, about 1.0m 3 of seasoned sawn timber per tonne; plantation-grown mature timber of C. citriodora subsp . Specs. Spotted gum is the main Australian species for tool handles which are subjected to high impact forces, such as axe handles. Decorative:Internal quality furniture, outdoor furniture, turnery, joinery, parquetry. Spotted Gum has a long history of usage in engineering applications such as wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers, cross-arms and mining timbers. Dry sclerophyll forests are sclerophyll forests occurring in drier regions and have an open canopy with … WoodSolutions is an industry initiative designed to provide independent, non-proprietary information about timber and wood products to professionals and companies involved in project development and design and construction in the built environment. Widsten et al. Spotted Gum. Oak Classic 4483. Spotted Gum is actually four different species of timber, all of which grow along our east coast, from the northern part of Queensland all the way down to Victoria. Flooring Construction: Engineered, Widths: 5-1/4" x 5/8" 7" x 3/4", Lengths: 2' to 7' with maximum 3 nested rows per carton. Construction:As unseasoned timber in general house framing and as seasoned dressed timber in cladding, internal and external flooring, lining and joinery. Spotted Gum is also a very environmentally friendly hardwood that is popular throughout Australia, is exported overseas and lasts for more than 40+ years. REQUEST ESTIMATE. Silvertop Ash decking timber. The table below gives the sizes which can be expected in its different formats. 140 X 45 H3 STD DECKWOOD SPOTTED GUM SAWN FACE. REQUEST ESTIMATE. Outdoor furniture made of spotted gum has consistently won industry awards in Australia. Spotted Gum is an extremely adaptable and naturally strong timber which makes it ideally suited to numerous applications. ), ©1999-2020 Wilson Timbers Pty Ltd T/A Outdoor Structures Australia     ABN 60 152 463 020  BROWSE PRODUCTS. Oak Light – 4484. With a beautiful rusted finish, Corten … The wood from spotted gum is highly valuable and extremely versatile. Some samples may have a slightly orange tint in the lighter variations. Its colouration ranges from a pale hazel to a deep brown and finishes up beautifully. The Spotted Gum, also known as the Lemon-Scented Gum, grows all along the New South Wales coastal areas, stretching up into Queensland. High quality sawlogs will take longer to develop, but prices will be higher. Price $26.51 per metre . This image represents a finished sample approximately 600mm wide. It is one of a few species that attracts Koalas and is native to New South Wales and Victoria. Favourite finish is LOBA WATERBASED POLYUREHTHANE. Spotted Gum Decking. BROWSE PRODUCTS. It has smooth, mottled bark, lance-shaped to curved adult leaves, flower buds usually in groups of three, white flowers and urn-shaped or barrel-shaped fruit. Spotted Gum is also a very environmentally friendly hardwood that is popular throughout Australia, is exported overseas and lasts for more than 40+ years. Sapwood is usually white in colour and up to 50mm wide. Spotted gum is a fairly versatile wood, used regularly in several different industries: Construction and engineering Decking and cabinetry Paper manufacturing Shipbuilding House framing advantages of spotted gum (A 46KB PDF) Oak Light 4484. If you've been following our work here at JSG for a while, you may have noticed there's a few tried and true materials that we love coming back to. Joinery. Spotted Gum is a diverse timber with a magnificent mix of colours and wood grain ranging from light brown, chocolate brown, light green and light golden browns, and it has a wavy type grain, giving it a very striking appearance. Sapwood is usually white in colour and up to 50mm wide. SPOTTED GUM: RANGE NAME: WOOD EFFECTS PLUS: BOARD SIZE: 1500 x 180 x 6.5mm: STRIP LOOK: 1 STRIP: STYLE: HYBRID FLOORING: PRICE INDICATOR $ WARRANTY: 25 YEARS RESIDENTIAL: WARRANTY TYPE: MANUFACTURER: OTHER WARRANTY: 15 YEAR COMMERCIAL WARRANTY: FEATURES: EMBOSSED SURFACE (TIMBER FEEL), HARD WEARING, MICRO BEVEL EDGE, WATER … As for laminated bows, you’ll find a lot of timbers are either too brittle or too greasy, so they will either snap or you can’t get … Spotted Gum is an excellent choice for those that live in fire prone areas – as it is rated for use between BAL 12.5 to 29. For information specific to the suburb you’re building in, speak with our team today – we’re available six days a week with friendly advice and recommendations. Timber floors. (2006) Corymbia maculata, or more commonly known as the Spotted Gum is a premium Australian hardwood that is used widely used for structural, exterior and internal construction projects. Some samples may have a slightly orange tint in the lighter variations. Some samples may have a slightly orange tint in the lighter variations. Wood in Australia: Types, properties and uses. It is widely used as a solid timber floor and in engineered timber floating floors due to its durable properties and luxurious aesthetic appeal. It is a popular material with designers and architects due to its attractive brown colour tones, which, when coupled with its high durability, make it a perfect decking material.

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