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24 notes. [23] An example of this is when he was perfectly willing to meet Monkey D. Luffy, but had no qualms with using violence against the latter if he became angered. [107], Bege and his crew accompanied the Big Mom Pirates while they chased the Thousand Sunny in the pursuit of Caesar Clown. Sanji is at first against the idea but is forced to do it because he did not want to his endanger his crew with the Big Mom Pirates. Bege accumulated many enemies, but managed to repel all of them with his Devil Fruit powers. Eventually, Sanji asked for a paper to write a note to his crew, but he used the opportunity to eject his crewmates from Bege's body. He then became a pirate and formed his group the Fire Tank Pirates and earned his bounty for pirating. He also has five o'clock stubble on his upper lip. Castle However, his methods did not change, as he targeted renowned pirate captains while leaving their crews intact. Comments Add a … Caesar and Bege managed to reach the edge of the venue as the Vinsmokes stopped various members of Big Mom's crew from attacking them, but the Big Mom Pirates swiftly defeated the Vinsmokes, leaving Bege and Caesar vulnerable. 2019/01/27 - Pinterest で 591 人のユーザーがフォローしている ワンピース アニメ フィギュア 情報 新作 予約 レビュー さんのボード「カポネ・“ギャング”ベッジ CAPNE GANG BEGE ワンピースフィギュア ONEPIECE FIGURE」を見てみましょう。。「カポネ, ワンピース フィギュア, pop ワンピース」のアイ … Even before he became a pirate; as a mafia don, Bege could ruthlessly and effectively eliminate all his rival mafias from their leaders to their vengeful subordinates and hired assassins through this same ingenuity. He and his crew screamed out in terror, but could do nothing as they drew nearer to the object. He joined the Big Mom Pirates and earned the title of Rook. [29] Highly opportunistic, Bege is always on the lookout for a potential weakness or opening from the enemy, having no qualms in exploiting it to the maximum. He manifests these objects outside his body by first manifesting ports and drawbridges on his person through which his "troops" could come out. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bege then arranges for a meeting with Sanji by taking Chopper, Nami, Brook, and Caesar hostage. My Edit My Edits OP Screencaps One Piece Anime OP Anime One Piece Anime Straw Hats Straw Hats Crew Pirates FireTank Capone Gang Bege Bege Monkey D. Luffy Luffy Black Leg Black Leg Sanji Cat Burglar Cat Burglar Nami Gastino Caesar Clown Vito Pedro Brook Carrot Tony Tony Chopper Chopper Charlotte Chiffon Chiddon Jinbe Jinbei By Mattfly86. Bege left Zou with Sanji, Caesar and his crew when Nekomamushi asks him what he did to Pekoms. Epithet: His first known bounty was 138,000,000 berries. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Shiro Shiro no Mi After becoming a father and husband, Bege seems to have lessened his cruel and ruthless behavior to some extent. Manga pre-timeskip Bege pilots the Nostra Castello onto Cacao Island to rescue Chiffon. By Nick Valdez - November 4, 2018 05:38 pm EST. After becoming a pirate, his tactical skills and ruthlessness only helped further his pirate career and power his way through the dangerous seas of the Grand Line, to the point where he became infamously known for his success in planning and executing assassinations. Kyle Hebert is the English dub voice of Capone Bege in One Piece, and Naoki Tatsuta is the Japanese voice. #closet #cloths #pastel colors #bege #babypink. As the ship shook violently, Bege complained to his crew to steer better. One day later, Bege organizes a meeting with the Straw Hats to go over the assassination plan against Big Mom. Sanji and Bege successfully leave Cacao Island, but their plan is in jeopardy when Oven boils the sea itself! Despite his bloodthirsty nature, Bege does have some degree of mercy and self-control. After taking Nami and Chopper hostage while bargaining with Sanji and Brook at Zou, he knew that Caesar was hiding nearby, while Sanji and Brook were completely unaware of the presence of the three. [119], The next day, Bege and his crew checked in guests at the Tea Party atop the Whole Cake Chateau. [103], When he heard how Luffy attacked a World Noble, he ordered his crew to set sail for Fish-Man Island immediately, saying he did not wish to deal with a Marine Admiral. カポネ・ベッジ(カポネ・“ギャング”ベッジ)とはファイアタンク海賊団船長。「最悪の世代」の一人。懸賞金1億3800万ベリー。 マフィア風の出で立ちをした小柄な男。葉巻を好む。海賊団全体がギャングのような気風を持っており、部下からは「頭目(ファーザー)」と呼ばれている。 He is able to carry not only weapons, but even his own men inside his body. Capone "Gang" Bege Histoire Capitaine de l'équipage du "Firetank". They were pursued by Charlotte Custard's fleet, but managed to lose her. Initially, Bege was antagonistic towards Sanji, forcing him to comply with Big Mom's invitation to the chef's arranged marriage to Charlotte Pudding. Bege parts ways with the Straw Hats after they escape the venue. [17], In an SBS Volume 64, Oda drew the Supernovas as children. Bege's surname and name were taken from two criminals. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! Alive Share 0 Comments. Paramecia, Capone "Gang" Bege[10] is a mafia don-turned-pirate and the captain of the Fire Tank Pirates. From an extremely far distance, Bege managed to fire a shot at Charlotte Oven with pinpoint precision from his ship at sea without hurting Chiffon.[96]. The perfect Bege BerkcanGüven Animated GIF for your conversation. Browse Upload Subscribed Login Register zero , . You guys have already lost... in sheer military force!Capone Bege to the Marines surrounding him, before unleashing the power of his Devil Fruit. However, he only stole money and precious items from the mafias he brought down, being content to watch the struggle for power that would ensue afterwards without gaining any power of his own. He abducts Pekoms and taunts him before shooting him off a cliff into shark-infested water. English Name: Bege was known in the past to be a sadistic man who reveled in hurting or killing people even animals. He even asked one of his men to deal with her and then stabbed his subordinate when he refused to cause a scene. He also makes it to the New World but is caught by an unidentified object that is levitating the sky. Bege agrees to leave the cake with him as the Straw Hats try to escape from Big Mom. [84] However, Caesar threatened the life of Bege's son if he went back on the deal while Bege considered the scientist as a nuisance and disrespectfully referred to Caesar as an "idiot" to the latter's annoyance. Tropes Beta Couple: Gotti and Lola get married, becoming this to Bege and Chiffon. Chapter 498; Episode 392[1] About One Piece Manga Japanese ( ワンピース, Wan PÄ«su ) Is it Japanese shōnen manga series illustrated & written by Eiichiro Oda. Oven threatened to destroy the Castello and the cake by boiling the ocean with the Netsu Netsu no Mi, but the Fire Tank Pirates were able to escape from Cacao Island after Chiffon's father Pound attacked Oven. Bege has occasionally shown a prideful side, bragging to the Straw Hats that he is also part of the Worst Generation, just like Luffy. 0; One Piece's Whole Cake Island arc … ... one piece, luffy, big mom, mugiwara, monkey d luffy, capone bege. begebebeyimbege. [134], As the Nostra Castello sailed to bring the cake to Big Mom, Bege argued with Sanji after the Straw Hat cook refused to let him poison the cake. His enjoyment of chaos does not exclude that which is caused by someone other than himself. Status: [157] They went to the port and found Pound there. Once they did so, Bege attempted to use his massive body to kill Big Mom. The series takes place in a fictional universe where vast numbers of pirates, soldiers, revolutionaries, and other adventurers fight each other, using … Bege Just Had His Best Episode of 'One Piece' Yet By Nick Valdez - November 4, 2018 05:38 pm EST Share 0 Comments 0 One Piece's Whole … After their escape, Bege parts ways with the Straw Hats. [85] After the assassination attempt on Big Mom failed, Bege used Caesar as a means to escape, despite the latter's protests. Mangatori : 5€ de réduction sur votre commande lors de votre inscription avec le code parrain 1942107 ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4 is slated for release on 27th March 2020 for the PlayStation 4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch and Digital PC via STEAM with English subtitles and Japanese voice-over for Southeast Asia After his plan to assassinate Big Mom failed, he could run at great speed to get away from the Big Mom Pirates who were after them. Due to his allegiance and actions, he is the secondary antagonist of the Zou Arc. When Chiffon said that she wanted to find her sister Lola, he stated that his wife's wishes are his as well. His Devil Fruit plays a large role in that. A close up of Bege's face after the timeskip. Bege's favorite foods are meatballs and tomatoes, and his least favorite food is tomato juice. You can only see slightly ahead into future...But even if we can't see it, we all have the right to change the future !Capone Bege to Katakuri. [28] Luffy even agreed to be the bait in Bege's plan of assassinating Big Mom as he found the plan to be interesting. 350,000,000[6]300,000,000[7]138,000,000[8] As Big Mom reached the cake, Chiffon stayed back to watch her eat it,[140] although Bege eventually pulled her away so they could escape. Contrary to his fellow pirates of the Worst Generation, who defeat their enemies with immense fighting power, Bege could defeat even infamous pirate captains of the Grand Line with his tactical genius alone. Nekomamushi asked what had happened to Pekoms, and Bege fled Zou with Sanji and Caesar in tow. Incarnations View all 3 versions of Capone Bege on BTVA. They then became subordinates of the Emperor. [115] To prevent Pekoms from exposing his plan, Bege took the lion mink to the northeast coast of Whole Cake Island and attempted to kill him by shooting him, causing him fall into shark-infested ocean. [121], Luffy and his clones burst through the wedding cake during the wedding ceremony and caused a massive disruption, allowing Brook to shatter Big Mom's portrait of Mother Carmel. [22] When Bege (while in his Big Father form) came under attack by a furious Big Mom, Chiffon worried greatly for her husband's well-being and quickly came to his defense by pleading for her mother to spare Bege, though this proved to be a useless gesture. [156] After the sisters' reunion, the Marines came, forcing Bege and Gotti to flee with the sisters. Capone “Gang” Bege, is a mafia don-turned-pirate and the captain of the Fire Tank … [16][28], Bege can be very cunning and pragmatic, not being above taking hostages, bluffing, or shooting people in the back in order to accomplish his goals. 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "Capone "gang" bege" de ARTHUR.B sur Pinterest. [13] However, his loyalties to Big Mom is in reality a ruse as Bege joined the Big Mom Pirates simply to find a chance to assassinate the Emperor herself. Pez is Bege and Chiffon's only son, and Bege loves him very much, being willing to make silly faces to make him laugh. 90 euros) Voir la figurine sur Amazon. "Gang" (ギャング, Gyangu? [162] Bege later participated in Lola and Gotti's wedding.[163]. [12] As a rook combatant within the Big Mom Pirates, he was given the responsibility of being in charge of the Tea Party's security. Thanks to Bege's assassination plot, Sanji was able to rescue his family from Big Mom's treachery. [112], By this time, Bege had achieved the rank of "Rook" within the Big Mom Pirates and was put in charge of security for the upcoming Tea Party. [69] Bege displayed his Devil Fruit superiority to the Straw Hats transforming the room into weapons and sank Nami in the floor to threaten Sanji into giving up any hope of escaping. Bege is physically fit. [97][25], He watched Ace's execution, which was being broadcasted at Sabaody, meaning that he managed to escape capture by the Marines. He is a supporting character in Sabaody Archipelago Arc, the secondary antagonist in Zou Arc and a supporting character in Whole Cake Island Arc. – Não teremos One Piece semana que vem :(SPOILERS COMPLETOS Capítulo 994: Meu Outro Nome é Yamato História de capa Curta Número 24 Oh Minha Família Gang Bege Volume Final: “O Navio dos Firetanks navega [87], Bege is a masterful strategist who uses tactics and trickery, rather than direct physical force in battle. Watch One Piece: Whole Cake Island (783-878) Episode 861 - The Cake Sank?! [104], After the war ended, he commented that, in an instant, Whitebeard's territorial waters were transformed into a sea of blood, implying that his territories lost their protection and it was only a matter of time before chaos ensues. [58], Due to needing time for his plan to be a success, Bege passed off pinning down Luffy as a way to maintain his cover. Type: I heard he was a sick young man who liked to hurt helpless living things and then watch them get weaker and weaker.Jinbe describing Bege's cruelty — One Piece episode 826. [35] However, Bege doesn't like to be thought as a good person, finding disgust at the idea of people feeling gratefulness towards him. [92] His main strategy is to use his Devil Fruit abilities to launch ambushes and surprise attacks, which allowed him to swiftly defeat an unsuspecting Pekoms.[37]. [64] While inside his castle, Bege tried to kill Big Mom while she was still weakened but Perospero and Katakuri foiled his efforts while preventing him from escaping. However, Bege got annoyed that Pekoms was letting his emotions overrule their mission and used his Devil Fruit powers to shoot the mink in the back. [30] Later, after he seemingly accepted Oven's demands to surrender for Chiffon's safety, he took a shot at Oven while the latter's guard was down. Blood Type: Funi English VA: And honestly he's kind of a piece of crap, he goes around trying to assassinate powerful people and even went so far as to … [54], Bege has countless enemies among the criminal underworld in the West Blue, thanks to his habit of murdering the leaders of rival mafias and other criminal organizations in order to enjoy the bloody power struggles that followed. [13], During one of Big Mom's tea parties, the photo of Mother Carmel dropped on the floor. Join Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates with our 2412 One Piece HD Wallpapers and Background Images. He is the captain of his own pirate crew, the Fire Tank Pirates. [105], Later, while in the New World, he was eating in his ship when it was apparently drawn toward an incredibly large, black object in the sky above him. [25], His insides also appear to that of a literal fortress, featuring stone brick rooms as well as drawbridges that can open and close, again putting into question whether Bege creates them at will or that his body truly does function like a fortress and has people run around his body at all times. When he does engage in battle, he tends to just walk into danger on his own, since he can easily summon numerous subordinates at any time and place to fight on his behalf. [114] He offered for Pekoms to join his plot to assassinate Big Mom, but the lion mink refused to betray his captain. The sixth in the series is Capone "Gang" Bege, who is posed with a fearless smile on Both the Straw Hats, Caesar, and the Fire Tank Pirates are able to put aside their issues to work towards the assassination plan. Capone Bege has a modus operandi of infiltrating groups and organizations so that he can murder the leaders of these groups for his own pleasure. [161] Bege then appeared happy when Chiffon and Lola embraced their father. When Big Mom begins to eat the cake, he along with his family and crew left. His plan to assassinate Big Mom involved destroying a photo of Mother Carmel, a precious figure of her past, having observed and correctly deducted that she lost her usual incredible toughness while suffering from a mental breakdown caused by the photo being slightly damaged. limaonagua. [86] After successfully escaping the Whole Cake Chateau, Bege gave Caesar his heart back and set him free. He finally grew bored with his dominance and sailed to the Grand Line as a pirate. Assistir One Piece Ep 828, One Piece Episódio 828 Online Legendado HD, One Piece Completo em HD, Animes Online Bege is a short man with a stocky build whose appearance is somewhat similar to that of a Mafia boss. Like Crocodile, Bege wears very expensive golden rings with precious stones mounted on them, but because Bege has two hands, all his fingers (including the thumbs) have them. According to Jinbe, while he slaughtered leaders of powerful organizations, he left their subordinates, such as mafia members of the other Four of the Five Great Families or pirate crewmates of infamous pirate captains, alone and only viciously retaliated when they attempted revenge. Height: Manga-San : 5% de Réduction avec le code promo MANGAFOP. ↑ One Piece-Manga - Roger und Rayleigh (Band 52) - Kapitel 508 ~ Capones Teufelskraft kommt zum Vorschein. [129] Bege rolled off on tank treads toward the coast, and was soon chased by a platoon of Big Mom Pirates. Sanji and Bege's Getaway Battle! (Redirected from Capone Bege) The protagonists of the One Piece series, from left to right: Brook, Nami, Roronoa Zoro, Franky, Nico Robin, Monkey D. Luffy, Usopp, Sanji, Jimbei, and Tony Tony Chopper. [153] When the Germs Pirates arrived and attacked Dressrosa, Bege and his crew fought and subdued them. During that moment, Bege noticed that Big Mom scraped her knees and bled. Castle-Castle Fruit [38], All the members of the Fire Tank Pirates were originally gangsters of an enormous mafia led by Bege as one of the Five Families of the West. Tier: Unknown, 7-A with firearms Name: Capone "Gang" Bege Origin: One Piece 40 (debut)[3]42 (after timeskip) Naoki Tatsuta. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Black eyes and Black hair that is To Neck length. [151] Bege then went into Dressrosa with Chiffon[152] to begin the search for Lola. Bege and Pekoms arrived on Zou eight days later with the intention of capturing Caesar and bringing Sanji to Big Mom's Tea Party. If Bege was not a pirate, then he would be a shoe shop owner. He also have a son with Chiffon called Capone Pez. Capone Bege Zipped Hoodie. Shop Bege Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. Japanese Name: Watch One Piece: Whole Cake Island (783-878) Episode 828, The Deadly Pact! [62] Due to his Devil Fruit and the cannons and various firearms he houses in his body, Bege's marksmanship skills are further enhanced, giving him and his crew the option and ability to fire cannons and other artillery from within his own body from mid to close ranges in the form of ambushes, as shown from his encounter with the marines at Sabaody, as well as his attack on Pekoms in Zou. The Fire Tank Pirates and Straw Hats then ran toward Caesar's mirror as he flew it in, but Big Mom's scream shattered it. He dresses himself in fine suits and enjoys fine dining while on board his ship at sea. However, he did promise to kill Luffy should the latter prove to be disagreeable in their negotiations. [123] With Big Mom's body becoming weakened and her scream incapacitating her crew, Vito and Gotti emerged from Bege's body and the three of them shot Caesar's KX Launchers at her. After the plan failed, Bege effectively became an enemy of the Yonko and her crew. Bege escapes and makes it to Marineford where he witnesses the last moments of the war between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Marines. [59] However, after he witnessed Katakuri becoming pale from seeing a terrible future,[60] Bege refused to comply with his order to kill Luffy and revealed his true nature. As they are trying to escape from her, his ship gets destroyed. [10] Due to his deep sophistication, Bege is very particular about cleanliness and hygiene, refusing to have a meeting with anyone who doesn't present themself properly, forcing even his enemies to do so. Though Caesar was reluctant over continued service, he took up the offer after Bege promised to let him go free following the plan's success. [74], Despite their multiple grievances with one another, and even in light of their assassination plan failing, the two still treated each other as allies. [43] After Bege and his crew escaped Whole Cake Island, he ordered his crew to head toward Cacao Island to get his wife back. Japanese Name: Bege noticed that the venue door homie was watching and hearing them, so he had Gotti cut its face off. . Although they seem to be high in number, only a few are actually Despite being a notorious pirate, Bege is a refined gentleman of great sophistication. Capone Bege (カポネ・ベッジ, Kapone Bejji), also known as Capone "Gang" Bege, is one of the pirates considered part of the Worst Generation, also known as the Supernovas. He is often seen smoking a cigar, except when eating. He is also gives funny faces for his son, Pez and hoped Pez of becoming a great leader like him for the future. With a Tommy gun, Bege could land multiple accurate shots on Katakuri, which caught the latter off-guard; an extremely notable feat as the Katakuri is noted to be an exceptional master of Kenbunshoku Haki, with the ability to see slightly ahead into the future. One Piece Episódio 828 - O acordo mortal. Oct 4, 2018 - No.1016 ファイアタンク海賊団船長。 体内がお城のようになっており、騎馬隊や銃撃隊が備えている。カポネの眼球からも、体内にいる兵隊が外を観ることができる。 属性 タイプ1 タイプ2 レアリティ コスト 知属性 射撃 野心 5 40 能力スロット数 コンボ 価値 最大Lv (経験値) … it said in the former kings voice. [49] While he can be ruthless to his own men for disobedience, Bege does hold strong appreciation and gratitude towards his subordinates. Much to his and the Big Mom Pirates' shock, the Thousand Sunny group was able to fight back and escape their clutches. Bege and his crew mates attempt to assassinate Big Mom with a rocket launcher but the plan fails when her powerful scream destroys the rockets before they reached her. [76], Bege's internal body contains several cannons which his subordinates can use in order to fire at nearby targets outside their captain's fortress body. He wears a black-and-white pinstriped attire, complete with a green scarf around his neck, with the excess tucked inside the suit (making it look like a cravat). [38][39], Bege married Charlotte Chiffon to seal his alliance with Big Mom. Later, Bege formed a temporary alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates in order to kill Big Mom during the Whole Cake Island Arc. Last one. [24], Though he may not always be inclined to fight, Bege is a fearless man who will not hesitate to fight someone should it prove beneficial or necessary, regardless of how strong they are.

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