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Locate ski resorts and hot springs , hotels , guesthouses and ryokan throughout the Osaka area . As a result, a myriad of tickets and rail passes are available to help tourists save some money. Use of mobile phones on the subway and New Tram. Mar 18, 2016 - Down below you can choose a good Osaka map to help you prepare for your travels. Driving Directions Platforms 1 and 2: These are two of the busiest platforms in Osaka Station with boarding for the Osaka Loop Line, the Sakurajima Line for Universal Studios, the Yamatoji Rapid Service for Nara, the Kishuji Rapid Service for Wakayama, and the Kansai Airport Rapid Service. Osaka, 542-0081 Japan. 4-1-3 Minami Senba, Chuo-ku. See a map of Osaka and its main areas of interest including Osaka Castle as well as the location of hotels, museums, bars, restaurants, temples and shrines in Osaka. Use this scrollable city street map of Osaka to find: airports, castles, embassies, main roads, museums, parks, schools, temples and shrines, hospitals, railway, bus and subway stations. OSAKA Metropolitan Area Railway Map Subway, JR Osaka Loop Line, JR Lines, Private Local Railways, Tramway Map of Osaka - English-written or Recommended maps for foreigner. Title: Osaka Area Route Map Author: WEST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY Created Date: 3/9/2018 1:46:04 PM Avoid riding subways and trains during rush hours (7.30am-9.30am and 5pm-8pm). The Kansai Region is home to some of Japan's most popular sightseeing destinations, including Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe and Himeji.The region is served by a dense rail network which is operated by over half a dozen railway companies. Title: JR Line Route Map Author: West Japan Railway Company Created Date: 1/7/2020 11:48:21 AM Active assistance for passengers with visual impairments. Osaka Combined Subway and Train map; Tips for Riding the Subways and Trains in Osaka. Information on women-only cars. To passengers using mobility scooters W Osaka . Use the Midosuji Line to travel north/south in the city (between hubs like Shin-Osaka, … <<< Back to Osaka | Go to Kobe map | Go to Kyoto map. There are various kinds of maps being issued, we will introduce to you the most recommended English map of Osaka, the links to train maps, and applications.

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