wilson pro staff 2020

The last version of this racquet from 2017 was available in a black and white tuxedo paint job and an all-black version. All in all, the Pro Staff 97 is more than sufficient on serves and an ideal fit for players who value accurate placement over power. Not only does the racquet retain the time-tested lively feel and performance you’d expect from a Pro Staff, but Wilson’s Braid 45 and String Mapping technologies are welcome refinements that enhance rather than detract from the racquet’s formula. For the 2020 line, we brought forth new, advanced technologies to enhance Pro Staff’s playability and precision, while honoring the racket’s roots with cues from its iconic past and 117 Grand Slam wins.”. Disclosure: Wilson gave me this frame to evaluate, but they did not pay me to write this review or influence its contents. Best cheap tennis racket. The racquet has a higher-end weight, but its head light balance retains excellent usability, which is well-suited for intermediate to advanced players with an all-court style that relies on precision and control. For starters, the Pro Staff RF97 has a standard 27-inch length and features a smaller 97 square inch head size with a 16×19 string pattern. Unlike it’s bigger brother, the RF97 v13, which specs remain the same as the prior generation and only receives an upgraded design, the Pro Staff 97 is an exciting refresh for what it adds and removes. Wilson offers some of the cleanest racquet designs, and the Pro Staff line is no exception. In essence, Countervail dampened the racquet’s feedback and subsequently reduced its feel. The Wilson family’s newest member is the Clash, which seeks to blend the power of a racquet like the Ultra with the control and precision that you find in the Pro Staff or Blade lines. You can also pick up the racquet on Wilson’s website, and they have an excellent demo program you can use to try the racquet before making a decision. Federer uses the same strings, but he switches the mains and the crosses, so Luxilon Alu Power Rough in the crosses and Wilson Natural Gut in the mains. There’s also a slightly modified display of RF97 with the weight and string pattern displayed too. Vợt có trọng lượng 290gram cùng cấu trúc dây đan 16x19 mới giúp giảm thiểu xô đứt dây, dễ đánh và kiểm soát bóng tốt. Roger Federer will play the 2020 Pro Staff RF97 Autograph when his Tour play resumes. The Pro Staff is one of a handful of racquet lines available from Wilson, which can take some time to wrap your head around. The Pro Staff 97 also has a swingweight of 321 and a balance of 10 pts HL at 31.2 cm unstrung. For its unstrung weight, Wilson markets the racquet at a somewhat heavier 11.1 ounces (315 grams), and although what ships often differ, my Pro Staff 97 came in spot on at 11.14 ounces or 315.6 grams. The Pro Staff 97 uses a synthetic grip and a red butt cap with rounded edges, while the RF97 uses a leather grip and a more traditional flat black butt cap. All in all, it’s highly capable on returns, especially when dealing with extra pace. On the other hand, the Pro Staff shifts weight toward the handle, retains extra rigidity and plays a bit more lively. Features: NEW HANDLE TOP. Overall, I found this update and the new Braid 45 construction to improve the frame’s comfort and response, offering better ball pocketing without trading the crisp feel and excellent feedback you’d expect from a Pro Staff. The Pro Staff print is now tighter on the shaft to make way for a grey and silver stripe – a throwback to the original Pro Staff. +16 x 19 string pattern+Soft handle+Lightweight graphite … Slazenger Pro. The latest generation of the RF97 retains some of the key ingredients that made the original Pro Staff popular while evolving and refining the formula to better suit the modern game and, in particular, Roger Federer’s style of play. Although the Pro Staff is a fan favorite, it’s only one of a handful of purpose-built tennis racquet lines from Wilson designed to cater to a wide variety of player needs and preferences. Above average spin. The 2020 Pro Staff RF97 v13 Autograph is Roger Federer’s signature model, so naturally, he’s the only player endorsing the frame. It weighs in at 12 oz (340 g) unstrung, nearly a full ounce heavier than the Pro Staff 97. Paired with a low-powered polyester, I found I could swing freely to maximize topspin while maintaining command over the ball. The string pattern, which refers to the number of main and cross strings, along with the density or space between each string, directly influences a racquet’s performance – most notably topspin and control.

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